Tertiary Colors

Tertiary colors are also called intermediate colors. These colors are formed when one primary color is mixed with its adjacent secondary color (on the color wheel). There are six Tertiary Colors .

1. Yellowish Orange = Yellow+ Orange (yellow+red)

Yellowish Orange have more amount of yellow than red. Effectively we have 2 part yellow and one part red in this combination

2. Yellowish Green = Yellow + Green ( yellow + blue)

Yellowish Green have more amount of yellow than blue. Idea is to mix different quantity of primary colors to create a new combination.

3. Reddish Orange = Red + Orange ( red + yellow)

4. Reddish Purple = Red + Purple (red + blue)

5. Blueish Purple = Blue + Purple ( blue + red)

6. Blueish Green = Blue + Green ( blue + yellow)

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