Form refers to any three dimensional object or an object that have length, width and height, is described as a Form. An artist creates illusion of form on two dimensional surface of paper or canvas through knowledge of shadows and ColorTones.

Real world is full of Forms. Forms can be categorized as Man made Forms and Natural Forms. Artist try to create better and realistic illusion of natural and manmade forms in their artwork.

Man Made

Can be easily recognised through maths.they also have specific name. Some eg. are

  • Cube
  • Cylinder
  • Sphere
  • Triangle
  • Pyramid

  • Natural Forms

    Are all around us in nature. For ex. Trees, clouds, beehive, bird etc.

    While sketching and painting artist create illusion of different natural and Manmade Forms through knowledge of Shadows, Cast Shadow,Core Shadow, Midtone, Highlight etc.

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