Area enclosed by outlines or Contour Lines in a sketch is called Shape. Different Shapes are used to create a complex Art piece. Shapes are two dimensional. This means they have length and width and they are on the plane of the paper.

Shapes are basically categorized as Geometric Shapes and Organic shapes.

Geometric Shapes

Are formed of straight or curved lines.These Shapes generally have specific names. We can get information about them through math.

Some of common Geometric shapes are-

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Kite

  • Organic Shapes

    Are formed with help of organic lines. These shapes are natural shapes found in nature. These shapes vary from each other because these are not man made shapes.

    Positive Shapes and Negative Shapes

    Are formed by an actual object. Shapes formed around the positive shapes are called Negative Shapes. Viewer’s mind analyses positive and negative shapes together to create one image.Sometimes our mind first read the negative shapes to finally see the positive shape.

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