Hatching is an excellent way to show Texture. Thin or thick lines are drawn almost perpendicular to each other in any direction. Lines can be straight or wavy, depending on the texture one wants to create. To create dark shadowy areas, lines are drawn nearer to each other. On the other hand lines are drawn further away from each other to show the bright areas.

There are different styles of hatching


Keyword for Crisscross hatching is 'Patience'. Several layers of hatching is done in various directions. Shadow areas of the sketch are overloaded with thick and thin lines. Lines used can be diagonal, vertical, horizontal or contour lines. Though it requires time, but it results in beautiful and pleasent outcome. It is widely used to create landscapes.


In Contour hatching, several curved lines are drawn horizontally, vertically or diagonally according to the contour or surface of the object. It helps to create the illusion of three dimensional surface. It is widely used in still life sketches.

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