Line is one of the first element of Art. It is defined as a moving Dot on paper. They are used to draw outline, to show where the object starts and ends.

Contour Lines

Outlines are referred as Contour Lines. Cross Contour lines can be used to draw the object in three dimensional form.

Line Quality

Thickness or thinness of line is referred as Line Quality. Many a time Line Quality is also known as a term Line Weight.

Through changing line thickness we can create illusion of depth in a sketch. Different line Thickness can also create Texture in a simple pencil sketch.

Line Types

As a beginner artist one can draw and color different types of lines using different color mediums. This can be a fun project for kids of young age and can help in developing fine motor skills. One can create complex abstract artwork using lines and many art mediums such as oil pastels, watercolors, markers etc.

There are different types of lines such as :-

  • Horizontal Lines
  • Vertical Lines
  • Diagonal Lines
  • Organic Lines
  • Zigzag Lines
  • Mountain Lines
  • Loop Lines

  • Lets study following image in detail to identify what all lines we see.

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