Laughing Budai

Level : Advanced

Supplies- A4 Size Thin / Thick Paper,Pencil, Eraser, charcoal Soft, Medium, and Hard pencil, Kneaded eraser, Stump.

In chinese culture, Laughing Budai was a Zen monk carrying loads of good fortune at his back. This priest is often mistaken with Lord Buddha. Budai is considered as a symbol of Good luck, guardian for children,spreading happiness to all the places wherever people believe in him. In Japanese culture Similar figure God Hotei is one of the seven lucky God.

Here Lighter and Darker Values of gray are used to show the brightened and the shadowy part on the face. Darkest value is obtained through Soft Charcoal Pencil and is blended with medium and harder Charcoal pencils with help of stump or soft tissue paper. Further, shading areas are smoothened through light use of kneaded eraser on them. Highlights are given on face through thin lines done through kneaded eraser.

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