Farm Cow

Level : Advanced

Supplies- A4 Size- Thick Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Pencil colors

First thought that comes in our mind regarding farm, is cow. Farm is incomplete without cow. It is a source of vitamins and minerals rich dairy products. Keeping importance of cow in mind, I have drawn a relaxed cow devouring green grass. While sketching, I used concept of aerial perspective i.e. far things appear smaller in size and duller in details. Things nearer to viewer appear bigger and with clear details. As a result this cow seems bigger in size in front and tapers at its back, creating illusion of space around it. Painting becomes duller and less detailed in background as compared to foreground.

For coloring I have used different tones of brown for cow to show the hairy texture and different tones of green for grass. Grass texture is done using hatching in different directions. Lots of details are added for eyes and front face of the cow.

By Shipra Agarwal © 2017-

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