Colorful Line Fish

Level : Intermediate

Supplies- A4 Size/ Thick Paper ,Pencil, Eraser, Crayons/ Oil Pastels/ Pencil Colors, Thick point Black Sharpie/ Black Sketch pen

Countless colorful fishes are found in nature’s water bodies. Drawing a fish is a good practice lesson for an artist to know about first Element of art "Lines". Here I have used Diagonal lines, Organic lines, Small C shape lines,Circle lines,Wavy Lines to draw a fish. I have Also created a pattern in the fins. Pattern represents repetition of certain lines in an order. I have used RAINBOW color theme to create a vibrant fish. This theme give us a feeling of happiness, freshness, and helps us to connect to the nature.

ROYGBIV is an acronym representing seven colors of rainbow from outward to inward . Here R is red, O is Orange, Y is Yellow, G is Green, B is Blue, I is Indigo, V is Violet.

By Shipra Agarwal © 2017-

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