Thanksgiving : Corn On the Cob

Level : Intermediate

Supplies : A4 Size/ Thick Paper,Pencil, Eraser,Thin point Black Sharpie/Gel pen,soft charcoal pencils.

Corn is widely used in Autumn harvest festival in America.It is a staple food in many regions of the world.Do yo remember yummy crispy breakfast of cornflakes soaked in milk.Boiled corn on the cob sprinkled with parmesan cheeses itself delectable.

Inspired by Yummy corn of Thanksgiving dinner table, I have sketched the "Corn on the cob" along with its husk and golden kernels. I used fine point black pen or sharpie to trace the contour lines.Base layer of sketch is created through smooth shading with soft charcoal pencil. Hatching and crosshatching i.e criss cross lines are done to show the details of each of the kernels. Part of the husk attached to the cob is shown darker as compared to the parts to show the element of light falling on the sketch.

By Shipra Agarwal © 2017-

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