Christmas : Tree

Level : Beginner

Supplies- A4 Size/ Thick Paper, Pencil, Eraser, Ruler, Crayons, Pencil Colors, Oil Pastels, Black thick point marker/ Sketch pen

Christmas tree symbolizes winter festival celebrated around the world. Nowadays plastic Christmas tree are easily available in departmental stores, but having a real Fir tree in house is still an excitement. Tree is decorated with small hangings, Lightings, Ornaments made of glass, wood etc.

Here I have Drawn a Christmas Tree using Straight diagonal lines. It is an excellent practice lesson to learn use of lines, to draw various Shape. For tree I used Monochromatic color scheme in Green Hue/ Color. Monochromatic color scheme uses a single color , its Tints , Tones, and Shades.

By Shipra Agarwal © 2017-

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